Simple renovation

Wooden floors have a great tradition. They've been with people for over six hundred years and are still very popular. They are very massive and thanks to this they have great resistance to damage. Their appearance is natural and at the same time very luxurious and stylish. In addition, they have very good thermal insulation properties to help you save even more. The wood is also a very pleasant touch.
Plancher is a leading supplier of wood flooring from the highest quality materials. In addition to the delivery of floor coverings we arrange installation. Our top craftsmen who know what they are doing will take place here. Our hardwood floors will suit you in all respects.
Simple renovation
Another advantage of wooden floors is that they are easily renovated and then look new.

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Mácha Lake

Have you decided to spend your holiday in a pleasant place where you will be able to enjoy a well-deserved rest and do your favorite sporting activities, for which you do not have time in the week of work? A great opportunity to stay in our chalets, where the Mácha lake is located nearby.

Mácha Lake and its surroundings offers countless possibilities. In the area you will surely appreciate a lot of opportunities for sporting activities, but also for passive recreation. Half-board is available for you to prepare a rich breakfast and dinner, and you will have no further worries about food.

In our cottages you will not miss anything

Enjoy Mácha lake and, therefore, inseparable campfires, which should definitely not be missed for every good holiday.

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Windows made of plastic for favorable prices

Sooner or later it's time to exchange old things for new ones. Get rid of your old windows that do not fulfill your role and order new plastic windows from our company. We produce both plastic and aluminium windows and doors of the best quality. We have been on the market for more than twenty years and we have not changed the production process for the whole time because customers are really satisfied with our brand.

We produce on the basis of German profile systems, which is a guarantee of our quality. Plastic windows meet high demand in our market and we provide a unique offer to meet the needs of even the most demanding client.

Get rid of the shortcomings of old windows

Old windows leave your home to escape dearly paid heat, and on the other hand, they let noise from busy streets or playgrounds. Get rid of these flaws that interfere with the comfort of your home. The new plastic windows of our company offer you the advantages that will improve your housing.

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Take advantage of expert opportunities

Nowadays it is very common to send shipments abroad. If you are struggling with this issue and know how difficult it is to send a package abroad. In order to facilitate your activities, you can use the professional assistance of the forwarding company. Believe that this is the most advantageous method, as you will have a professional approach and, above all, the possibility of anything and absolutely anywhere. The big advantage of this issue is the ability to leave everything to the experts and to do what you understand best. Why should I worry about transport when you can leave everything to someone more experienced? Surely it is logical, so do not hesitate to use it.
Transport directed by experts
Forwarding companies can help in absolutely every case. If you choose a professional approach in this version, you will surely not regret it. The professionals who have a lot of experience with the transport will take care of your shipment. Such opportunities are not exploited at all. International shipping may not be your concern when you know who's good to rely on.

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Lowest price List

Do you want to buy the equipment that will improve the image of your rooms, help you with privacy and also offer you other help? Then check out our impeccable offer of interior doors, which will become your perfect and always necessary help, not only in your home. Just in our selection, you can choose the species that fit into all types of rooms and are at the lowest prices.
For you and with the necessary advice
If you do not know what kind of interior doors to choose, do not despair, we are here and we will always advise you on your wishes and needs. With us, you choose the beautiful species that fit in your housing and also in the most beautiful color design, to make your rooms and whole living, just nicely diversify. Believe that our offer is very varied and always only advantageous.

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Beautiful Sofas Online

On our portal you will find in a wide selection of sofas of all shapes in every space. The seating area is the main point of your apartment. Due to today's demands on the design of flats, offices or public spaces, we are constantly updating our offer.

The essence is the space you are arranging. With the right selection of sofas we will be happy to help. It is essential whether you want to sit in the living room or bedroom where you will sleep. In addition to convenience, use is important. Unfolding, storage or just a design.

Classic, elegance, style.

You choose the Design according to your lifestyle. Dozens of shapes, materials, colors, Classic or modern design. With us you can also choose according to the catalogue. We work with your requirements
And we arrange the completion of the sofas tailored to your needs. Contact us.

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The box diet will help you to throw out excess kilograms

It's easy and it will go lightly
Few of us are satisfied with their character. A lot of people wish to be slimmer, but whatever they do for it, they can't lose weight. I guess I haven't tried the box diet. That's the only thing that really works, and it's guaranteed to be with the kilograms.
You will not feel hungry
The misconception of most of us is that if we eat a little, we will be slimming, but so it really does not work. The body needs enough of everything and the diet must be balanced and mainly regular. The box diet meets everything it has to meet. You only have to open and eat your box every 3 hours.
No JoJo Effect
You do not need to hunt, cook, buy, Count, we will do all this for you. Crab Diet Prague Calorie loss will guarantee 100% and if you really eat only food from the boxes and do not add anything to it, you lose weight without the JoJo effect.

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A remarkable experience in your bedroom

Poppers from our offer are suitable as industrial cleaners. Some of them can even be used as essential flavors and air fresheners. Most are used to clean the skin, and to clean the heads of video recorders.
If you want to use poppers as an aroma, you need to make sure that this option is enabled directly from the manufacturer. You will find this by the information on the packaging in the original manufacturer's language. The Video heads are cleaned by applying a drop of cleaner to the strip of smooth paper. We attach the stain paper to the video head from the side, and with the other hand we rotate the video head slowly.
To clean your video
Before cleaning with poppers, it is necessary to make sure in the video tutorial that this maintenance option is enabled by the manufacturer. Otherwise the appliance may be damaged. These videos need to be cleaned and kept in the servise.

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Vinyl Flooring

If you have decided to fine-tune your interior with a new floor and do not know what to choose, we have a great type for you. Vinyl flooring is a novelty on the market and, although there is only a moment, it is breaking records in sales.

Vinyl Flooring is Unriven the best flooring you can buy today. Their qualities are captivating, and few believe they have so much until they have them and will not be able to convince with their own eyes.

All-in-one properties

Vinyl flooring doesn't ruin anything. If you have a naughty pet at home, you don't have to worry about scratching the floor. Vinyl Flooring does not destroy even the fall of the pot, or even knives. It also carries with water, has thermal insulation properties and is well maintained.

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Vinyl Flooring

Are you arranging the interior and come to the floor? Wondering what will be the quality, functionality and price to match your expectations? Vinyl flooring was discovered on the market. This is a novelty, which is very thoughtful to the last detail.

Vinyl Flooring has so many good qualities that you just don't resist them. You can choose from a huge number of colors and patterns. They are easy to maintain, very simple to replace, and the workpiece can be replaced by everyone. You also appreciate the fact that they do not glide, maintain temperature and withstand heavy loads.

Do not know cons

Vinyl flooring will withstand everything. Extreme load, damp, won't hurt them or crash the Casserell or knives. They are suitable for allergy sufferists and their lifespan is really great. If you have pets, you don't have to worry about scratching the floor.

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