Mácha Lake

Mácha Lake is a traditional and popular destination for excursions and vacations. People are very fond of returning here. You can take a steamhorse in summer and visit Doksy or Staré Splavy for example. In Staré Splavy you can stay in chalets for four people in the recreation area.
Mácha's Lake has nice woods and groves in the vicinity, and these are the mushroom-makers ' paradise. In the vicinity you can also visit one of the tourist riding halls, and enjoy a ride on horseback for savable and skilled riders. Bike rental is available, so you can hike to some of the cycle paths.
Water Fun
You will surely visit Mácha Lake mainly because of the water fun. There are some really nice beaches where you can sunbathe, enjoy swimming, water sports, beach sports, rent a boat or a water pedal.

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